Proceca is renowned name in the supply of Hot Water Systems for industrial scale applications with compact and versatile Hot water generation system.

The systems are designed as per the needs and goals of the clients.

The following are salient features of our HWS:

  • • Compact and Complete Package Solution
  • • Customized solutions to meet all process requirements
  • • Pre-assembled skid for ease of installation
  • • Versatile on heating controls for consistent and desired temperatures
  • • Hassle free condensate removal and recovery with no energy losses
  • • Standard units supplied with control packages comprises of PID based controllers. Special control packages available with PLC systems.
  • • Hot water generation is instantaneously available for fluctuating process loads and urgent demands
  • • Less energy consumption - System designed with heat exchangers with very high heat transfer rates and efficiency
  • • Most reliable to suit your process - Ensures accurate temperatures for hot water required for the most heat sensitive processes
  • • Compact yet efficient – Upto 85% less space required for installation when compared to conventional hot water tank heating systems.
  • • Less maintenance, operating, installation cost is required.
Temperature Room Temp to 95°C
Type of Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube or Plate heat & frame or unison of both
Types of Pump Seal or Seal less
Utility Requirement Steam or Electrical Power Supply
Accuracy of System ±2°C
Temp. Controller System PLC or Advanced Controller
Internal Piping MOC Mild Steel / Carbon Steel / SS 304 or SS316
Area of Classification Safe and Hazardous
Condensate Pumping System Automatic Pumping Trap

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