Our process, design, engineering and fabrication experts with a formidable experience in Single Fluid Heating & Cooling system design a robust, compact and versatile system as per the needs of the specific clients.

The system is designed and engineered in unique way which gives a precise control over the heating and cooling cycles. The Proceca skids consists of properly selected range of heaters (shell & tube or Plate heat & frame or unison of both) along with suitable pumps, valves and perfect automation with virtue of PLC based controllers and instrumentation.

Advantages of our SFHC System

  • • The operation is corrosion-free
  • • No cross contamination of utilities.
  • • Centralized Control
  • • Manufacturing Vessel
  • • Precise temperature control.
  • • No leakage at process area which helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the plant.
  • • Easy to Maintain & Easy to Clean
  • • No thermal shocks to reactor.
  • • PLC, HMI Based heating & cooling operations without any supervision of operators.
  • • Accurate temperature control with +/- 1 °C without any problems to reactor.
  • • No hot and cold spots – this results in consistent product yields and quality – a regulatory requirement for API

Technical Specifications:

Temperature -70 to 280°C
Fluid Used for Heat Transfer Synesthetic Oils (As per temp. range)
Type of Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube or Plate heat & frame or unison of both
Types of Pump Seal or Seal less
Utility Requirement Steam, Chilled Water, Chilled Brine or Chiller System with Heater
Accuracy of System ±1 °C
Temp. Controller System PLC OR DCS
Internal Piping MOC Mild Steel / Carbon Steel / SS 304 or SS316 & Components
Operations mode FLP HMI (7”, 10” OR 12”)
Data recording SCADA with Historian
Area of Classification Safe and Hazardous

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