The need for process optimization, regulatory compliance, and improvements in the supply chain are driving investment in automation technologies across the API Bulk Drugs, Intermediates, Biotech, and Food & Beverages sector.

Our highly experienced engineering team can design and engineer the optimised process control system for any process in all the sectors of process industries viz

  • • API Reactors utility, Process ,layer separation & any tailor maid requirements Automation
  • • Fermenters,Sterile manufacturing Lines, Injectable with SIP / CIP in Biotech Automation
  • • Hydrogenation reactors Automation
  • • Solvent tank farm with dispensing up to reactors Automation
  • • RCVD, VTD, Blenders, ANFD, ATFD, Spray Dryers Automation
  • • Falling film & Multi effect Evaporators Automation
  • • Ethanol /Grain Based Distillery ,SRU & Distillation column Automation
  • • Syrup / suspension preparation vessels with solvent transfer system Automation- formulation
  • • TCU HCS Skids & Hot water Skids including inbuilt chillers up to -70 deg. Ultra chilling
  • • Purified Water generation & distribution system Automation

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